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12 Years
Mar 4, 2007
My ducks are laying they are from ideal fawn and white runners and white pekings.

Runner Fawn and white 8+ eggs $20 shipping included

a picture from the oregon zoo.

The are great winter layers and very sweet ducks about 5 lbs per and love to play in a baby pool. Mine listen very well about going in each night. These ducks have a mission of what ever fun they can dig up for the day. Any source of water works for them a mud puddle or even a kittly litter box filled with water makes them happy.

White Peking hatching eggs 6+ whatever else is laid in 4 seperate nests. $22 included Priority shipping.

Have a few Mallard eggs can put in as extras, little green eggs.

No pay pal so will need a Money order here. So send me a notice for address for a money order.

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ZooZoo I am near Mays Landing NJ at a tiny farm.

BikerBabeRules will send you a PM with my address.

My digital camera is on the fritz so guess need to spring for a new one.They are very similar to the ones posted at the link at the oregon zoo.


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