Runners: only 30 eggs per year?

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Sep 30, 2018

I recently got six runner ducks as I want to produce duck eggs. I've read that they lay somewhere between 100 - 200 eggs per year on multiple sources. I have never seen a number below 100. However, I got my ducks from two different people and both told me, they only lay in spring and about 30 per year. What's the matter with that? Are all those numbers above 100 for runners that were specifically bred to be efficient layers? Or did I get something entirely different (see picture)??


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I didn't count all the eggs my Runners laid their first year but I can tell you it was more than 30 they laid straight for 18 months. Then took a short 2 month break and started back again. Now they are 2.5 yrs old and have slowed down some but are still good egg layers. Just make sure to feed them the best you can and with good forage time because they need to be busy. It's their breed. Make sure you put out oyster shell for extra calcium because they are such good layers, and plenty of good drinking water and they love a bath daily too when weather permits. How old are your Runners? If they are just coming into lay it maybe spring before you see eggs since daylight is waning now. I don't recommend adding extra light either it's hard on their bodies. Runners are great egg layers but they are also funny and great to have around.
They must have meant 30 per month! My Runner has only missed a few days since she started laying this summer - once when she was sick and 2 days when she molted. They are the nicest eggs - perfectly sized - and like @Miss Lydia said - they are so much fun to have around! Good luck!
Any chance they are older ducks and past their prime laying years??? I’ve never heard of a runner only laying 30 eggs a year. But that doesn’t mean they don’t exist :idunno

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