runny nose!

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  1. poor old Tanaga, my sumatra, shes seems to have a running nose, shes sneezes a lot. what should i do? whats wrong with her?
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    Personally, I would isolate her from the flock, and give her some duramayacin, plus vitamins/electrolites in her drinking water. She probably has a respiratory problem. If you catch it quickly, she could recover just fine. I went through this once with one of my favorite pullets. I put her in a cage in the storage room in my basement with lots of straw, fresh food and the water with meds and vitamins. She got better and really began to cluck cluck cluck! She wanted back out with her friends. I was really happy.
  3. Quote:where can i get vitamins for chickens?
  4. i;m going to seperate her tomarrow morning
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    Hello! I use Poly-Vi-Sol without iron. They are infant vitamin drops. You can find them at Walmart or any store that sells vitamins. Or you can go to your local feed store or Tractor Supply for chicken supplements.
  6. DANG! my local Purina Mills dosn'r carry that duramaycin stuff

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