Runny poop

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Jun 8, 2022
I have 5, 7 week old chicks. One has had runny poop from day one that for the most part hasn't changed. It's brown, some days more runny than others & some days with a more thicker constancy but still more runny than the other 4. I know drinking more due to it being hot & easing watermelon etc can affect the constancy. I'm just curious if there is something I can do to help "firm" it up a bit. She eats good, gaining weight & growing, very active, etc. I give hydro hen about once a week in a smaller dish than they normal water so they have access to both & I also do probiotics. I've googled a ton & looked at poop pictures & it doesn't look like coccidiosis poop, so I'm kind of baffled. I have been feeding medicated chick starter from day 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
As long as she is drinking, eating, alert, and active, she is probably fine. Maybe stop the watermelon for a week or two, and see if it helps. Electrolytes are probably not necessary if they are eating and drinking well. Those can cause diarrhea if used more than a couple of days. If you want to be certain that she does not have coccidiosis, you could have your vet do a fecal float. Corid is pretty safe to use if you want to give them a treatment for 5 days. But if any look lethargic, stand around hunched, and not eating, then Corid could be helpful.

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