?'s about easter eggers or ameraucanas or araucanas, help

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    Hope this is the right place to ask this question:)...We have a beautiful white ameraucana hen we got from a reliable breeder. This year we hatched out blue, black and splash ameraucana chicks from a different breeder...also reliable. We divided up the chicks with friends turns out my friends got the hens and I ended up with 4 roos. The neighbors and my husband will tolerate one roo not four...faced with deciding which to keep. I ended up with two blue, one splash and one black roo. So, question is if we wanted to hatch out eggs from my white hen and a roo...what would the results be for each roo? Or is that even a good idea?
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    I wouldn't breed any of those roos to a white hen. You need a white roo or you'll end up with a bunch of birds that don't breed true (essentially EE)
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    What should I expect from a laying hen -- temperament, hardiness, eggs -- that is supposedly Ameraucana x ISA?
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    I am very new to having chickens. When purchasing my chicks, I was told I had some Ameraucana/"Americana" chicks, along with others,not that it mattered. NOW, after reading so much information, I'm going to assume that I do indeed have EE, which is not an issue. With my research of this whole "debate" of Ameraucana vs Easter Eggers, one piece of information I read was that the "rare" Ameraucana was BRED from the Easter Eggers....now this seems rather confusing. So, what is the REAL low down on this? Im happy either way. My birds are wonderful, fun and amazing. I''ve only had them a few weeks and I'm quite anxious to see what color eggs I get. They are pretty easy going and not at all aggressive, which is nice since I have little ones. I have a variety of different colors of chickens, which keeps life interesting and easy to keep track of individual chicks. YES, they are showing signs of individual personalities. I agree with previous responses, There is NOTHING wrong w EE.[​IMG]
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    I have americanas and they are skidish. how about yours?[​IMG]
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    My hatchery stock "ameraucanas"(really EE's) are very skidish, getting rid of what's left of them. and plan to get real ameraucanas in the future.
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    Well, Im back! and I have EEs BUT now I also have REAL Araucana, too...finally! I NOW know the difference between Araucana, Ameraucana and EE...my EEs are very skiddish but love having them in my free range flock...you certainly dont know what you're getting just by looking at the chicks. Mine aren't laying YET, a few more weeks...but Im excited to find what colors they will lay. I'm hoping to get MORE EEs via my Araucana. This has been quite an experience having chickens and I have learned a lot...still learning! NOW I have several breeds of chickens.
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    i heve rir hens and registered ameraucana rooster if they breed will the chicks hatch from blue eggs[​IMG]
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    Not really understanding your question.

    RIR lay brown eggs, so no your chicks will not hatch from blue eggs.
    If you are asking if the offsrping of RIR and Ameraucana will lay blue eggs then you have a 50/50 chance that they (probably not all though) will lay blue eggs.

    Never heard of a rigistered Ameraucana. I don't thnk that there is a registry for chickens.

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