Salmon faverolles rooster or something else?

Mar 17, 2018
Desert southwest, a farm in N.M.
My Coop
My Coop
3 months old. I honestly have no idea what this is, but I had got a group of salmon faverolles and one turned into this, so unless its a breed that just got in the wrong bin, its a faverolle Rooster right? It looks like a dark brahma too I think...
Unfortunately my neighbor took him last week, we thought it was a hen of some mystery breed until i finally was looking up more about my faverolles last night and realized that this one might be a faverolle too and be a roo! Oh well, I will trade one of my hens for him. Thanks! He does have a small beard, light/medium leg feathering, never did look at his feet, I will be sure to look at all that when i see him next.

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