Say what i'm going to get chickens!


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Sep 2, 2019
I'm Sam, aged 24, FT mum to 3 kids. I plan to have 2 chickens (to start) by end of September 2019. I fully blame my friend for introducing me to her fantastic 2 soon, to be 4 then 6 Chickens. I looked after them for 2 days and loved it. I was hooked on idea to have own and get my children involved. What a fantastic idea yeah?

So where to start... I have list, plan and ideas. Now to take ACTION!

Ah, Sam -- That's how it starts. First just a couple of cute chickens. We've all been there. Soon, you will be trying to figure out, as your friend did, how to have more chickens when the well-known affliction, chicken math, takes over.

Good news: Most of us with chicken math are perfectly happy with the condition.

Kudos to you for joining BYC where lots of helpful people are willing to share their knowledge and experience. Best wishes with your flock (whatever size it ends up being) and welcome to the group!!
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Welcome to BYC Sam! I also recommend starting with at least 3 chickens. Raising from day old chicks is a great experience for you and the kids an your chickens will be tamer and more bonded to you that way. Be sure to have a sturdy coop that is predator proof and holds at least 6 chickens in case chicken math strikes. This is a great place to learn everything you need to know and get your questions answered by chicken experts. Have fun in your ventures!

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