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8 Years
Jul 21, 2011
My son is required to do a science project for school that should take a few months. I suggested a meat chicken experiment. I thought separate the chickens into 2 or 3 groups and feed differently. Which causes the chickens to put on the most weight at slaughter time? What do you guys think? His thoughts were just feed, feed with veggies. Any other suggestions? Things you would be curious of?
you could make it easy on yourself and just do a feed comparison. Try a 15% protein, 16%, 18% and 20% or 22% or 28%.

I know reading the forums earlier this year the meat people seem to swear by the protein content on the weight and the other variation is free feed or feed for 12 hours and such.

I'd be very interested in an 8 week experiment with different levels of protein take low to high protein pick 3 or 4 feeds and just free feed. could offer many scientific observations

a graph of weight gain among all groups
a graph of weight gain cost effectiveness high protein means higher cost food but is the growth rate worth it (BYCer's seem to think so).
weight gain versus waste weight to see if faster weight gain creates a larger percent of waste when dressed out. (probably not but curious)

The real question is will your child be distraught when his science project goes to freezer camp.

Also would love to know how much crowing happens in those eight weeks cause I want to try meat birds but I'm a city girl can I get them up to slaughter weight before the dreaded crowing gives me away. But that probably won't fit into your science project LOL.
Your son will have to get special permission to work with vertebrates. Especially so if involves any sort of discomfort or greater on birds. I recommend looking for a researcher type that will provide oversight. Local university professors often good for such.

Starting point with high school instructor can be following link:

school instructor should be able to find similar as needed for high school project. If killing animals for project proves to be an impass, then considering ending trial with measures of weight, length of legs and wings, breast diameter.
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