Screams in the night...


9 Years
May 26, 2010
In the middle of the night, the BF and I awoke to screams (well, let's put it this way - I awoke to the screams and then promplty shook him awake!). It was terrifying noise, sounded like an animal was being brutally tortured. Luckily, my four girls are still young enough to be inside in the bathroom (great entertainment when using the toilet, eheh
). The BF went outside with his high tech flashlight and lone and behold, 2 raccoons in our neighbors tree must have been fighting or something.

Now we are both procrastinating putting the girls outside, and will be extremely cautious on building their next "half-way house" before their permanent coop.

Not a fun thing to wake up to.

It can be a scary sound - esp. when you've been sleeping. Another thing that is SOUNDS super scary is cats fighting - oh, the screams!

Coons can be really smart - when you move your girls outside check and double check the run and make sure they are locked up good and secure each evening.

tell you what is scary, here in the tennessee mountains we have all kinds of strange sounds at night.
one night while we were sleeping a coon scratched out side our window on the house. thought someone
was breaking in through our window. the scratch marks are still there.
just a reminder that night life does not respect one sleep.

A fox scream sounds really scary. Google it and listen-maybe that is what you heard?? I heard one the other night and I have not slept well since, worrying about my girls.
I've got you all beat. Try listening to a Fisher cat, they have the eeriest scream, & there was one just down the street the other night doing its thing. Sounded like someone was being murdered! Creepy!!
I hope all of you hearing those screams have super-de-duper coops and runs!!
I grew up in PA, and when i was a kid people would drop puppies and kittens off at the "dump" about 2 miles from our house.....some of the pups survived and formed packs. I woke up one night to see about 6 of them lined up on our porch facing the house growling and snarling. Scary yep, uh huh! But worse than that is hearing a mountain lion's cry....sounds like a baby crying....... gives me the willies every time!
Ya, I've definetly had my share of fox screams, that is WAY eerie. But this was NOT that. I guess we just assumed it was the raccoons since that's all we could find. But it just kept going and going. I've also heard many cat fights, used to live on a farm before I went to college and we had a lot fox, coyote, and cat noises going on. But never this noise.
Not that is something I would not even go outside to examine. Holy cow, no thanks for bears, mountain lions or a coyote.

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