Seeking thoughts on coop & run overall design ideas

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  1. beedude

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    Sep 3, 2011
    Osteen, FL
    Location... Central Florida... very hot and very humid summers... winters not so much and seldom temps under 30. Number of chickens... probably 6. We will be clearing thick brush to place the pen and coop. The less clearing the better but the welfare of the chickens comes first. The plan is to make a 12X12 run that will also enclose a raised coop of about 4X6. Since the coop will be raised it does not reduce the area the girls will be able to use. Also, the area covered by the coop will provide shade in summer. Would it be better to put the coop outside the run? Does part of the run being covered by the coop 'matter' to the chickens?

    As always, input is appreciated.

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    Jul 30, 2011
    East coast
    Welcome from another newbie!! I am in SC, not quite as tropical as you are. We are raising 7 chickens here...and this will be our first winter with them. Keep checking in, and see what kind of replies you get. I am learning new things myself [​IMG]



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    Hi beedude and [​IMG]. I have 10 chickens. Started out with 4. Darn chicken math. My coop is inside the chicken yard and I really like it. I guess it depends on the individual. I have no problem with it. Of course I have had to expand it twice now and extended their yard. I can spend time with them while doing my coop chores. Of course they are all in the coop with me making sure I don't do anything that they don't like and if I do they let me know. I have a chair in their yard and will read, knit, or just sit while some of them fight over my lap, peck my legs and shoes. You have come to a great place for help and advise. Everyone here is great. Enjoy and have fun.

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