seems like scaly leg mites won't go!

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    May 7, 2011
    OK I have been treating 3 of my birds for scaly leg mites for 5 weeks. They don't seem to go away. I used vaseline daily at first, then wd40, now bagbalm. Pretty much every 2-3 days they get lathered up thick. I also have give Epson salt baths. I have changed the nest bedding and perches. But my 3 birds still have raised scales and bad looking legs.

    My barred bird (a cuckoo maran?) has ugly oatmeal lumpy and rough skinned looking legs and there are virtually no scales on her legs. I think her leg mites were so bad the scales fell off (is that possible?) There are now feather shafts trying to grow out of her legs (thats why I don't think she's a Plymoth Rock). Poor bird doesnt look uncomfortable, she just has pathetic legs and still stands on one leg a lot. The other 2 birds have real scales but they are lifted up with black underneath, even after 5 weeksof vaseline and bagbalm. During the salt baths my scrubbing with the toothbrush doesnt seem to get any chunks to come out from under the scales like I read would happen. Now i wonder if the scales are just wrecked and I am over treating. How do I know if the leg mites are gone? Do recovering birds get nice new scales eventually? Do birds with leg plumage have no scales around the ankles?

    Also: Is there a medicine treatment for leg mites?
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    Mix some Seven Dust right in with the vasceline, then slather it on. You're only suffocating them with the vasceline, which is a very hard thing to do, so you also need to poison them with the Seven Dust.

    Good luck, and hang in there,
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    You can buy Nu-Stock at a feed store and put that on their legs. Shake it well before applying it.

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