Selling chicken hoods and possibly more!



Jul 1, 2020
Small town in Western Washington
My Coop
My Coop
Hello! I am plantain on making chicken hoods! They will be the same design as a falconer hood, but with a slit in the head to fit all combs. They are built to cover chickens eyes while you are treating them and checking them over. They will come in 3 sizes, Bantam, Average, and Rooster. I am making them out of plether, and possibly really leather if needed. I am also thinking about making pet bandanas, after I figure out the hoods, so those will come in the future! I am posting to see how many people are interested, so I know if this product will sell well or not! Post if you are interested! Avery
does it wrap the whole chicken?
No, I am planning on making hoods that are designed like a falconer hood, so they just go over the face, and don't get in the way. Like this-

Except more basic. Hope that helps!

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