Serama behavior-still caring for first batch AND laying eggs

nchls school

7 Years
Apr 22, 2015
I'm fairly new to serama and constantly surprised. Four of my serama hens started to brood at the same time and all the hens pretty much raised their chicks together; each hen accepting the other's chicks. The chicks are now about four weeks old and all the hens have started to lay eggs, If I go by first time the hens will start brooding when they have laid 5 or 6 eggs; and that won't be many days from now. The odd thing, to me, is that all the hens kept right on taking care of their chicks. Two have since completely weaned their broods, but the other two are still brooding the chicks when they are cold and clucking. Both of these hens have new clutches started; one with three eggs and the other with two (I do not collect the serama eggs as I have had better hatches when I just left the eggs alone). I have raised chickens for many years and never have I had hens laying eggs while still actively caring for a nearly grown brood of chicks. I assume this is normal behavior for serama bantams???

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