Setting eggs today! (10-11-10) Anyone Else??? pic added pg 8


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Jan 12, 2007
I finally decided to just break down and buy a cheap foam incubator till I can get a good cabnet one in the spring. I use to be able to hatch well out of them when I used them before (like 5 years ago) so we will see how it goes! Anyone Else planning on setting eggs today?
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I'm setting 12 eggs in my new Genesis 1588. I separated my barred rocks hoping to get pure birds, but my patience ran out. Some of them were pullets and the eggs were too small, yet others were wonky shaped. I broke down last night and grabbed twelve eggs from the main coop, and will be happy with little mutts. I just can't wait any longer!!
I set 16 eggs last night
...I have been using a homemade incubator made form a styrofoam cooler from the dollar store. It has been working pretty well.
Im really eggcited about these eggs. I have been drooling
over the BLRW and now I hope to have some of my own.

Good Luck with yours!
YIPPEE!! At least I know I am not the only one who will have chicks in the colder weather! LOL Good thing I have a heated shed to keep them in this year, otherwise they would end up in my house again! LOL
I just recieved a Genesis 1588 with auto turner yesterday for my birthday. Haven't even taken it out of the box yet. Looking forward to getting some eggs going.
I should be getting some tomorrow. My mail comes early, will wait until night to set them. Getting them from a lady here on BYC. They will Blue, Splash, and possibly black Marans. Her birds look beautiful. I love the color of the egg.
Who said they were hatching out BLRW? I had a beautiful girl years ago..sweet, sweet birds. Beautiful in color.
I also have some Welsummers coming. Yep, two incubators will be going, and I have always used the great. I have really good hatches.
So, here we go..I'll have to keep an eye on this post. Here's to my eggs arriving on time..tomorrow..
well, its been quite a while since I incubated eggs so I am excited. I just hope I get a good hatch.

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