Sevin spray and garden poultry dust

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    Jul 15, 2013
    I plan on using the Sevin spray on the walls and cielings of my coop. I have many nooks and crannies in my coop. Insulation is behind my wood walls and their are cracks that you can see the insulation between the wood. So I figure the mites have a good hiding place. The poultry dust will be used on my cement floor. Where the wood meets the floor. My nest are black plastic and it says to not apply the dust to the nest litter. So would it be safe to spray the sevin their.
    I plan on washing my chickens or do or should I just use the poultry dust. Any advice would help me greatly as this is the first time I ever treated my chickens. They do need treated
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    Oct 21, 2015
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    Are they infected? Or is this all prevention?
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    No Sevin in the nest material so as not to contaminate the eggs.
  4. the girls club

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    Jul 15, 2013
    Prevention. They are over a year old. and I think I've seen a mite or two but not sure. Been waiting for warmer dryer weather to shut the chickens out to dust them. That way I can let the coop dry well from the s
    Sevin spray. Got the concentrated sptay so have to mix it up and finally convinced my husband to get some. His response was to get poultry protector. Which this site has never mentioned. He says the bugs eat off each other. Your suppose to have bugs. So finally have the stuff that says to use on this site
    The Garden and POULTRY DUST is a 2 pound shaker can. How much should I use on each chicken? Or another question would be .How many shaker cans should I buy to cover 5 chickens. I will retreat in 10 days

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