Shell-less egg, within egg, within egg, within egg............

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    I hesitate to post this because I feel like gagging when I look at it. But I am worried about my EE (almost three years old). She molted in the fall and never began laying again. The other day I went out and found this huge rubbery thing (obviously a shell-less egg) but the size of an outstretched hand and weighing 9 ounces. It had a lightly green tinge. This EE lays olive eggs. Tulip, the hen, was in the corner recuperating from expelling this monstrous thing and the other hens were eyeing it, ready to attack.

    I took the "thing" inside and opened it up. It was a shell-less egg, within an egg, within an egg, within and egg, within and egg. Obviously, she was unable to expel them and they piled up inside her.

    I'm not sure what to do other than the usual......oyster shells, calcium in feed, yogurt, etc. I'm afraid this is the end of Tulip's egg-laying career. Something is wrong inside her........

    Ever experience this? Any suggestions?


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    I can't seem to get my photos to show. That will help you to understand this thread. I'll try again.


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    I've never seen that, but it sounds like she's an internal layer.
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    Oh my goodness! Wow, is that odd! I have never seen anything like it. In the past four years of having chickens we have had a shelled egg within an egg twice and, of course, the rubbery egg without a shell on occasion.....but nothing like what your girl did.

    I think maybe she is an internal layer...but have no clue what that really means.

    I hope someone comes along who can chime in with experience or knowledge for you.

    Hope Tulip is okay!

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