She's supposed to be a RIR, but is she? **PICS**


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Apr 29, 2010
Rockport, Tx
She's very sweet. I didn't want to be rude or show my ignorance when my friend gave her to me and said she was a Rhode Island Red. She's got speckles; some kind of cross?


Yep, I don't really know what she is, but I was pretty sure she wasn't a RIR. It doesn't matter what she is (to me), I love her whatever her ancestry. Anybody know what the speckles could come from?
of course she could be 1/2 RIR and somethign else-so the genetics might be on half her genes. She reminds me of a mille fluer-look at my avatar-thats what Im holding all though you cant tell hahaha
That makes sense that she's 1/2 RIR. She was the lone survivor of a really bad attack by something strong (my guess-coon, my friend's guess-cougar). She had been by herself for about 6 weeks in a wire bottom coop so her feathers are a bit worn and she has an old injury on her right wing. I guess from the attack. To make matters worse, the day after we got her she apparently jumped or fell off the roost and hurt her leg. Its much better now and she's getting around fine, but I was worried all last week about her being egg bound and everything else you can think of. She's still not laying but she looks like she just went through a molt; her comb and feathers look kinda 'waxy'. I've bathed and massaged her abdomen (which she LOVES) and I guess she's just not laying right now. She's a really sweet little chicken and I just love her already, whatever she is...

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