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Aug 25, 2008
I have been asked if I could ship some silkies to Florida. How do I go about getting a total cost of of shipping and does the post office provide boxes or do I need to buy them from some where, if so where? Also, are there any shots involved. Well Can someone just tell me the steps that they take to ship out their chickens? Pleeeeeaase?

Thansk, Jason
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Might try a search on this since I do not know the answer. I do know you need to buy certified boxes for live poultry, and that shipping must be done in a particular way, and it's about 70 bucks a bird to ship. Shots and vaccinations will depend on state.
You have to get a USPS approved box from horizon. this website seems to be the cheapest to buy them from.
If you are just shipping 2 silkies the single stall box should work. If it is more than that you can buy 2 boxes and tape them together. I would recomend only shipping on a Monday or Tuesday by EXPRESS mail. You get a tracking number with express mail. You can see where they are and when they arrive. Good communication with the buyer during shipping is a must to ensurethe birds arrive in time. Make sure they have plenty to eat and drink before you ship them off. Put some wood shavings in the bottom of the box and cut up little bits of apple for them to "snack" on. Our post office leaves for the airport at noon so we try to get them there by 11:30 to minimize their time in the box. Make sure the temps are below 85* both ways before you ship them.
use this website to estimate shipping. The single stall box weighs about 1 lbs 9 ounces empty.
Hope this helps.

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