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I bought a pair of chickens from Washington a week ago and when the seller went to mail the birds today they said that California isn't accepting live birds. I've had many birds shipping to me without any problem from outside of California as recently as of September. Has anyone heard of this?
Haven't heard of such a thing. Has anyone is CA received birds lately?????

I know there was a show in Stockton at the end of January. They would have cancelled it if there was a problem.
In the past I've received live chicks, live 3 - 6 month olds from 3 different parts of the country. My buff laced brahmas were supposed to ship today but wisconsin is due for a snow storm so I'm shipping my birds and he's shipping his birds to me NEXT monday.
Ask the seller to provide you with names and phone numbers for the people who told him that. It may have to do with weather at the origin or destination, wit the shipping method, or with an uninformed mail person.

Might also check with the CA Agriculture Department.
Man I hope that is not the case, I am going to be getting several 2 mth olds next week. I will have to call my local post office. I will let you know what they say.
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I haven't heard anything? Strange....
Ok, so I just got off the phone with USPS. 800-ASK-USPS, She said ...

For day old chicks -you can only send them air or ground only, not internationally.
only being shipped April through August only.And a surcharge may apply about .22 per lb.

For Adult birds- Ground and Air mail- Express Mail only. Can be shipped whenever, no restrictions right now.

She did happen to say that Ca cant send to Alaska or Hawaii right now, but didn't give a reason why.

My suggestions are to call the 800# to ask them specifically your area info. It is automated then you can ask for customer service and you will get a real person. Good luck!
Received 35 Cornish x from Welp Hatchery in Oct. 2010, Dec. 2010, and Feb. 2011. Shipped to local P.O. No problem.
BTW, Feb. shipment was 37 chicks. As of March 9, still feeding 37! Healthy chicks - Good supplier.

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