Should I get her?


11 Years
Sep 23, 2008
Monroe, Ga
Ok so I like cats, I really do.
The only thing I do not like is one that will tear up my belongings.

I was browsing around on CL (a very dangerous thing for me) and saw a free declawed, spayed, utd on shots, comes with everything cat to good home. Well since shes declawed spayed and utd on shots she seems perfect

My SO is not a big fan of cats but its mostly cat claws hes not (and a littler box). I know he will tell me no, unless shes already here

We could just easily hide the little box and keep it cleaned and there would be no problem... right?

Its an older cat 10/11 years old so its gotten all its kitten stages out and shouldnt be too much of a trouble maker.

Should I? Should I?
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I would!
but I know what I can get away with with my SO. As long as your SO isn't so against it that it will cause problems between you both or make the kitty unhappy...
I know a few SOs out there who 'hated cats' but when one won them over, they became the biggest closet kitty fans. My SO pampers and caters to his cat like no one I know - but still calls him 'stupid cat'. Apparently it's not 'manly' to love cats and his was left by an ex so he had no choice but to have a cat.

If you want a kitty then check this one out, be sure your personalities mesh and then go for it. A litter box is no big deal - the clumping litter is great and scooping it 2x a day gets to be habit.
Good luck!!!
Also, if you have a screened in room, you could put the litter box in there so it doesnt smell. I use to but my cat got use to going outside and now shes inside/outside lol
If you really want it and you think it would get along with the rest of the fam. I'd say go for it!
One thing that can be a problem with older animals is bladder control, hoping I don't go through that with my elderly kitty
it's just life though.
I would inquire as to WHY they are rehoming their cat of 10-11 years?? Could it be she has behavior issues such as inappropriate urination/defecation??? People are nuts! I think it's wonderful that you want to take her but ask alot of questions.When was the last time she was at the vet? You have to keep in mind that when adopting an older may be taking on alot more than you bargained for. Ask to contact the vet and see her records with the owners permission. If they say no I'd be weary.

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