Should I keep the roo that is sweet or spunky?


10 Years
Jul 14, 2009
I need to choose which Speckled Sussex roo to keep as a pet...

Number one is the gentle and sweet guy who will eat out of hand and let you pet/pick up, or # 2, Mr. personality, who is my current fave. He follows me aroung and is always worried about what I'm doing. He'll also eat out of hand and let me pick him up... The problem is that occasionally if I crouch down, he'll peck the heck out of me... Not being mean, just looking for food, maybe, he has not tried to spur or attack me or anything.. Yet. He likes to peck my calves if I'm wearing shorts, also.

Please advise. Does Mr. personality seem like the kind of roo that will end up being mean and out of control? Who would you pick?
How old are they? Both could do major turn arounds when hormones hit. I suggest you decide once they start "sneak-attack" mating the girls. Pick the one that dances for them, but only if he is nice to you.
When you have to choose between cockerels, or any birds for that matter, you should have an end goal in mind. If you intend to show the birds you would want 1 that conforms as closely to the standard as possible. If you are simply looking for the best "chicken" conformation to a standard isn't so important. When I select cockerels, if the bird is for showing purposes, then as long as it is sound in conformation the more docile, sweet, bird would be the best choice. This type of bird remains calm around people and isn't bothered as much by spending a few days in a show cage and being prodded by half the state. A more aggressive bird is more likely to damage itself while being shown and Is Definitely Harder TO Show. On the other hand, if I am selecting a bird to be a breeder of future show stock or simply a commercial rooster, I lean towards the more aggressive cockerel. It becomes very protective of his flock of hens and that is his job. He may not like you around "his girls" and try to chase you away which for some is an issue....BUT if the situation ever arose that a small predator got into his flock, He would defend them until the end...I had a Brown leghorn Rooster stand up to a hawk that thought he was in for a free meal...Most dogs can be turned back by a vicious rooster, as well...And I have GSP's that make a living hunting birds. So decide what you want from your rooster then make the cut...JMO
If you're choosing a pet rooster, I would pick the more docile, laid back one, IF you don't have predator issues. The more aggressive one might be a better protector. But it's sometimes a trade-off; the aggressive one may be a good protector but spur you to shreds. The laid back one may be nice to you but be useless for your girls or mean to them.
I lucked out and chose a very nice roo--he treats the girls like gold and is just so very polite to me, even though he won't allow me to touch him. He is a good protector, facing dogs, cats and the occasional marauding pigeon. My run is very secure but he's right there and ready if ANYTHING comes near.
Thanks so much for the advice-I appreciate it. You guys posed some excellent points. The guys are about 20 weeks.
If they are both living together you will naturally have one that is more aggressive than the other. As soon as you get rid of the aggressive one the other one will assume the role of "top dog" and become aggressive. Another thing to consider is that when they come of age the one eating out of your hands is less afraid of you and will likely see you as a threat to his girls and start attacking you.
My roo attacks us so we keep a stick handy to keep him at bay. We never try to hit him or harm him we simply use the stick to keep between us and him, kinda like to steer him away. I love the way he protects his girls and am willing to let him be top dog.

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