Show me your chunnels!!!!!

Ok, so not really what you're looking for & it is pretty difficult to see in this picture but there's a 3 foot transition between the tractor & run, a chunnel. If you do a search there are some pretty good ones to be seen.
Yeah saw a great one on a thread a few weeks back so maybe try doing a search on here.

Oh and for Emma-Leigh a Chunnel is a CHicken tUNNEL
I just finished making some CHUNNELS for my girls. This is the connection to the run.
Welcome to BYC!

Nice! Your chunnels run from the pen to garden beds? Do you arrange & rearrange the chunnels to direct your chickens where you need them to be? How are they working out for you? Storage is at a premium around here, I'm thinking about making chunnels that can be folded flat when not in use

We've had chickens for about 7 + months now, 2 SLW & 2 GLW. Got them as an experiment, aid in garden chores, pets with benefits, etc,etc. So far they're working out, we enjoy them. Kinda pushy though. They get it in their noodles that things should be a certain way, then that's the way it's got to be. These girls get down right unruly if they don't out of their pen in the evenings.
Yes. The tunnels run from the chicken run to garden beds. We just got the tunnels up but the girls live the extra area to roam. We have more expansion to do yet. Our plan is to use them for pest control, furtilizing and digging new garden space for next spring. Making them collapsible is a great idea! A little more work on the front end but probably worth it. We are enjoying our girls as well. We used to let them free range in the evenings but had some scares with some big dogs so we started on the run and tunnels. They wen to enjoy being out all day now and I don't worry that a dog will get them. Here is an updated pic.

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