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Dec 29, 2015
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I grew up on beef always had veggies served me well allot of years .. My Doc and I are close the same age .. she is thrilled with my physical state understand the pain.. I am so pleased going out there now .. it is Walmart said they will not fill a 42 script for pain I can only get 28 at a time now :lau :frow:confused: like huh ........


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Apr 6, 2014
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We eat cheese here no Mushrooms :sick
I had to give you a SAD:( because I know you cant have mushrooms.:hit
You and BC are two members that cant eat mushrooms. There may be others as well.
Has this allergy always been with you?? or something that developed/came-about later on?.
If you were able to eat them,,,,,, I'm sure you would find some varieties to be VERY DELICIOUS:drool:drool:drool
My mom used to make a mushroom soup that has a taste completely different from the typical mushroom soup I eat regularly. Used mushrooms that she picked in the forest. (that was before we became city slickers)
Those same mushrooms can be purchased dried at certain Deli stores around here. Price is also quite HIGH , but only a SMALL quantity is needed to make a flavorful soup. It also flavors gravies in an Excellent flavor.

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