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Nov 4, 2010
Merrill, WI
2 beautiful Lavendar Silkie roosters available- approx 10+ months old and crowing. Nice top knots. Beautiful coloring. Would like to keep in Wisconsin and meet someone instead of shipping but can ship if needed. Will be traveling to Dallas, TX area end of month and can deliver along route (you must meet up with us) at no charge. Pictures available. $75.00 each.

Don't know how to post pictures or would.
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Hi! I'm getting out of Silkies myself, but I wanted to comment on your sig. I, too, was involved with miniature horses in the mid '90's. Worked for the notorious Hill Farms in Hilliard, Ohio. Interesting time to be a groom at that place, lemmetellya! The best part was when the FBI siezed the assets, and the horses weran't allowed off the farm. They could finally just be horses again and go out and play! I don't imagine Bob Parton is still showing, is he?
how you load pictures is you go to the upload button at the top of this page and punch the browse then it will go to your computer and you can load your pictures they will be stored in your uploads folder then you click on the image bar and copy/paste on your ad. Hope that helps.

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