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8 Years
Nov 6, 2011
If you have this breed you know what it feel like to love these adorable quirky chickens
. I have 2 showgirl pullets and what i have found from reasearch is that they is not much to reasearch I have really ben wanting to discuss my showgirls and i bet other people do to so here it goes. This thread is for pictures, questions, shareing, and anything else you want to do.

For more information this is link to the breed page on byc

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Well today we bot our 1st show girls! A partridge and i think whit not too sure they are a week old :D they aree ooober cute got them for my daughter for her bday cause thats what she has been asking for
Mine :) She is so beautiful! I never thought I would get one, a gal on here has been hatching them and had one for me, I am so excited :D
When can you tell if it is a female or male?

It varies... I thimk my white one is a roo in comparison to my partridge its neck is thicker and its beak / comb area has much more pf an arch... Ive been telling my husband for 3 weeks that i tnk its a he, they turn 2 months on monday.

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