shut eye oozing and warm to the touch blue orphington

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    Feb 1, 2008
    i have one of three blue orphingtons sick and dont know what to do for her. a group of nc poultry suggested i put tetracycline in water as my original complaint about her was she was eating and hussling around and not lethargic but had a funny smell to her that the others didnt have. they or some suggested she may have coryza not sure of spelling so suggested to put tetracycline in water for all of them since now all have been exposed to what she has. secondly now her eye has shut and if it opens it is watery and she is very warm to the touch, she is small but eating but has been secluding herself in the coop and not out with all the other chickens so she is really sick. i will call my vet tomorrow as i dont know if he treats aviary but will try but if he doesnt what other suggestions would be helpful to her. does anyone from nc know of an aviary doctor in the greensboro asheboro area? i am new to chickens so i feel totally helpless and want to help her and will do anything not to loose her. SOS HELP ME PLS i am so upset. maria

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