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    i went to get two salmon faverolles and the man "threw in" a faverolle rooster...he didnt have tail feathers im guessing the other rooster with him picked them out) but other wise he was beautiful to me so i took him. he has been with my mixed flock (EE and his 2 faverolles hens) for about a month. the first 2-3 days i saw normal rooster behavior but a month later now he shows no rooster behavior except crowing. he is a shy guy but im concerned that he is not dancing or mating. any idea or suggestions would be appriciated..
    [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]..i have been thinking of giving my EE's away and just go with the faverolles since i like the personalities of them better but the faveroles are still not laying for me yet after a month having them...did i just get some elses problem...unattentive rooster and hens not laying...thanks for any help...cathy... after looking at these pictures i have notices the darkness at the back of his comb...any ideas there?

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    Jul 4, 2012
    I have same problem. And I have a black jersey giant rooster and 2 australorp roosters, the black jersey giant are 5 month old and havent crow or mate. He did do a dance to young chickens.

    The australorp are 5 month old and 6 month old..
    havent crow, mate or do dance.

    Have any idea to get the black jersey giant to find his crowing?

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