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5 Years
Apr 17, 2014
I recently bought 6 baby chicks from a local feed store. One of the is not growing like the others and when I just checked on them she is not holding her wings in they are just kinda saging..... What should I do?
Need a little more info. How long have you had them? What are they eating? What is the temp in the brooder and is it big enough for them to get away from the heat source when they need to? Is she eating/drinking/running around?
@cafarmgirl... They are about 1 week old. There brooder is still good size for them and I am still keeping one side around 95 because I do still see them laying directly under the lamp on occasion. This chick had pasty butt, I added apple cider vinager to there water it seemed to help for a couple days although now she seems kinda out of it:(
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You can try adding some Save-A-Chick to their water. I would decrease the heat at least down to 90 at the most. When they want to warm up they will lay under the heat lamp and fall asleep, if it's to hot they can overheat. Make sure your brooder has at least 6 square feet at the minimum, they'll need more room very soon. Is this chick making normal poops?
go with sav-a-chick electrolyte to get their energy back and probiotic for needed health. I also swear by the probiotic that it avoids the pasty butt problem. I had a real problem years ago, but once I started using probiotic for first couple of weeks, I never had a problem again. I run about 100 chicks every 6 months with maybe one loss due accidentally being stepped on or other unforeseen accident.
X 3 on Sav-A-Chick & Electrolyte in the water
You can also get Poultry Nutra-Drench, which doesn't need digestion. It absorbs right into the bloodstream and makes a world of difference for some chicks. I would check and see if your feed store has any in stock!

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