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Mar 22, 2011
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I have a two year old (Embden) goose that I found this morning with gross ascites of her lower abdomen, the skin and area around the squishy, fluid filled area is fire engine red and hot to the touch. I was on my way out the door to work (late) and plan on bringing her in immediately when I get home. I believe it's either egg yolk peritonitis or she's egg bound. I have Baytril - which may be expired, penicillin G procaine and tylan 50 at home. I can lubricate her vent and place her in the bathroom in order to steam the room. She'll be kept inside. Does anyone have any suggestions? I called the Vet, and asked for a call back, but I'm still waiting. Our Vets are not poultry oriented. What are the dosages for the antibiotics I mentioned? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. She is one of my very best geese. I got her from Holderreads and she's done very well at the shows. I don't want to lose her!
If her ascites is due to internal laying and/EYP and you want to save her, your best option is to take her to a vet ASAP. If there are bits of infected egg floating around they need to be surgically removed and she would need to be spayed. That's what I would do with a special bird.

My not so special ones get the fluid drained and a course of Baytril at 10mg/kg twice a day for five days, but be warned, so far *all* have died. They might not die right away, but they do die.

If you drain the fluid yourself and can detect an egg, you could give her some calcium and E, stick her in a tub of warm water and see if she can pass it that way.

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Hen was cleaned with Chlorhexidine, had a 1" 18 gauge needle inserted and I syringed out about 500 ml of fluid. Note that none of the pictures show a syringe attached.

Thanks so much! I'm going to work on her tonight and look for an avian Vet. I spoke with my local Vet and she had never done surgery on a bird before.
I just spoke to my local large animal Vet, she recommends an anti inflammatory in addition to the antibiotics. I'm stoping in a few minutes to pick it up. I'll also get some liquid calcium at Wal-Mart.
I'm having a hard time aspirating fluid. I'm an RN and after 4 attempts with an 18 gauge needle I've gotten nothing 3 times and blood once! I tried inserting at the lowest point of the paunch. I did see the posted photos. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much! I'm going to work on her tonight and look for an avian Vet. I spoke with my local Vet and she had never done surgery on a bird before.

She really should be seen by a vet. That's what I would do if she were mine.

I do hope you manage to save her. Here, the vets wouldn´t come out for a goose. And if I took one in to them, they´d not know what to do with it. They don´t want to know about any birds, except, perhaps, parrots. My friends were desperately looking for a vet that would deal with their goose, and had no joy. It died. I´m on my own here with them when it comes to medical matters. I probably already know much more than they do.
So, try to keep her going. i use Baytril here. It should tell you on the packet the dosage per weight.
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