Sick hens comb is turning black


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Oct 16, 2016
When I let my girls out this morning one of my hens was lethargic and her comb has turned black. She is a 2 year old Rhode Island Red. While I understand that she has probably been sick for awhile and I might not be able to save her. Does anybody have any idea what might have caused this and what I should do to protect the rest of my flock.


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Pick them all up, examine them for parasites - they can be pretty hard to see so look carefully, especially around the vents. Feel their weight, look at their droppings. Look for anything unusual going on around the vent. Listen to their breathing, feel their crops, smell their throats for sourness. Check the insides of their beaks for any patches of white or grey colored stuff. READ This Article Below...
Thank you. There was some helpful info in that thread. My hen is still alive but fading. I considered the possibility that she was egg bound, gave her a long soak in warm water, checked for an egg and didn't feel one. Her comb is still very black and her lower body, butt area seems to be full of fluid. I have not seen her poop. Again, I don't think I can save her, she seems to far gone, but am trying to figure out if this is something that can spread to the rest of my flock.

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