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Jul 28, 2021
Hello all, thank you for your time for reading this post

I have a young pullet (Black Mottled Duccle?) Who has not started laying yet, was hatched sometime early April 2021, for 2 days she has been acting somewhat lethargic. She didn't want to leave her roost for most of the day yesterday, but we were able to get her to eat and drink some water, and added electrolytes. Today she's drinking water but is not eating and is still acting lethargic.
Shes not too interested in doing her normal chicken things or being too close to the flock. She's walking around everywhere much more slowly, with her tail down and her wings stretched closer to the ground as well.

Its our first flock and we only have 1 laying hen who was laying when we brought her home. Everyone else has not laid their first egg yet.
Is this sour crop? Egg bound? How do you tell? What else could it be and how do you treat ill chickens properly?

Again, thank you for your time and responses.
Crop issues and egg issues are not very likely at this age. If these pullets have been free ranging, they could have picked up an overload of coccidia from the soil, also possibly worms. It would pay to have a stool sample tested by your vet for parasites. It's not expensive and should give results in an hour if you ask for them quickly.

Before I run on and on about the other possibilities, please tell us where the pullets spend most of their time and what they pick up. What are they fed? What is your climate? How about pesticide use?

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