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I have a small Lavender Orpington flock, however, one our roosters is not acting quit right. It was a very cold winter here in Utah, Our once beautiful boy's comb has shrunk,he doesn't crow,and he is not mating with the hens, he was once very active in this regard. He has been wormed and does not appear to have any mites. Does anyone have and ideas what could cause this and what I could do to bring him back to his once majestic and active self?
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Is there another rooster that has taken over the lead position as head of the flock? What did you use as a wormer? Some only get the roundworms and there are are many different possible worms that affect chickens. Valbazen and SafeGuard /Panacur are very good. There could be some internal problem that has affected your rooster. I once had a rooster who started limping, and was then replaced by another young rooster who moved into the leader slot. Lice and mites plus their eggs at the base of feathers under the vent may be spotted easily. Is he eating well and having normal poops? Caging him for 24 hours would probably give you more insight. He may be treatened by others and not getting enough to eat.
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He may need some vitamins to give him a boost. Poly vi sol without iron is available as a liquid children's vitamin in the drug store. a couple of drops in the front of his beak will probably pep him up.
He is eating well, and appears to be digesting everything properly. He is mobile and does not appear to be weak. He does however not walk around with the same confidence he once had. Through the winter I ran all my birds together (17) this included being with a 7 month old very large and impressive Cuckoo lavender Orpington (I will have to take and post his picture just for fun). This rooster took over the mating the hens, so yes, he became out ranked and yes it was at that time his cone shrunk to 1/6 it's typical size. 2 months ago, I seperated my birds. The cuckoo Lavender rooster went with my Delawares to produce chicks to be processed, and I put the Lavender rooster with my lavender hens. He has produced some fantastic birds last year. I noticed despite being seperated completely out of view from the other Rooster he has not snapped back. I incubated 20 eggs 4 weeks ago and sure enough none were fertile. I now placed him with our leghorn and a few Delaware hens (none are aggressive) and moved the cuckoo lavender Orp. To the lavender hen side. I now have 15 fertile eggs from the lavender hens.
It seems as if he would have snapped out of looking and acting like a hen after 2 months. I am very motivated for him to make a comeback.
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