Sick Silkie Chicks


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
I have 4 chicks left that are around 7wks old. About 3 weeks ago there were 13 this is what the symptoms are I hope someone can give me some ideas. They start droping their head like they cant hold it up then do summersalts and act like they are drunk. No sneezing, caughing no diahrea. I have treated them with VetRx, wormed, electrolites, vitamens you name it. Not all at one time this is over the past 3 wks time. I am at the point of just culling them but I would rather find a cure. They are currently in the bathroom (spare one) seperated from the other chicks. Any help will be appreciated at all.
Yep, sounds like it could be a vitamin deficiency. Stop medicated feed if they are on it and start with the vitamin E and poly vi sol. Good luck!

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