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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by jjthink, Mar 13, 2011.

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    JJ - I always enjoy reading stories about your loving roo and his sweet girl.

    Have you thought about or tried the electric poultry fencing? You might be able to set up a temporary fenced area around where you are working outside and the birds could be with you. The electric should give you enough time to gather the duo up, should a dog test the fence. When you are done outside, the fence can be folded up and put away. (I *think* I have never actually used it)

    Maybe invite this nice neighbor down to meet the birds and then talk about her questions?

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    Gee, maybe she could give YOU a schedule so you know when the mutt will be running loose. The nerve of some people. Reminds me of when some stranger opened my gate (Have a 42" high chain link fenced yard- 1/3 acre) and let his dog in to poo all over. I ran out and asked what he thought he was doing. He said " I wanted to give him a good run." I was so flabbergasted I couldn't even reply. I did put locks on both gates after that, but for some time I would find dog poo in the yard and I didn't have dogs then. I'm sure he just hoisted it over the fence. What "golf balls," some people have.

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    New Jersey doe not have a statewide leash law.Check to see what your local dog laws are. The state does give you the right to protect your birds.

    4:19-8. Failure to kill dog found worrying animals or poultry; penalty; triple damages

    An owner or person harboring a dog which is found killing, worrying or wounding any sheep, lamb, domestic animal or poultry, who shall, after being informed thereof, fail to kill the dog within twenty-four hours after receiving such information, shall be liable, to any person who shall sue for the same, to a penalty of ten dollars ($10.00), to be recovered with costs by a civil action before the Superior Court and shall also pay triple damages for any injury done.

    4:19-9. Right to destroy offending dogs

    A person may humanely destroy a dog in self defense, or which is found chasing, worrying, wounding or destroying any sheep, lamb, poultry or domestic animal.
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    HorseF - Thank you [​IMG]
    drum - Exactly! (dog schedule!). And I'm speechless about the incredibly inconsiderate person who let his dog into your yard to run and poop!!!!!!!
    ODS - Thanks, yes, people are not allowed to let dogs run at large in my neck of the woods. I've had tickets issued to 2 neighbors who are hopelessly irresponsible (one whose dog seriously injured both Ellie and I [and yet he continues to let his dog run loose] and another whose dog bit me but thankfully I was able to intercept him before he killed my feathered friends and even then, I gave the people 2 years to clean up their act [they refused and the dogs kept coming back] before finally having them ticketed). Hoping to avoid ticketing the better neighbors that are the subject of this thread. It can get to where a person looks overly litigous and then none of it is taken seriously.

    I want to live in the wilderness.

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    You need to inform the nice neighbors that you want your birds to be able to roam in your own yard without being in danger from loose dogs. That you understand that a dog may accidentally escape from a vigilent owner, but that having dogs running loose on a regular basis is simply not acceptible to you. I do like the comment about your chickens meaning as much to you as their dogs likely mena to them. If you were taking your birds int a public area, it might make sense to ask your schedule and work out accommodating times, but we are talking about YOUR OWN YARD.

    As for fencing and flooding. There are plenty of fence designs that allow water to flow without impedement. My block wall has drain holes that allow flood irrigation water to flow from the back to the front; that is very common in my neighborhood. Also wire fencing (be it barbed, field, chain link, etc. and pool fencing very naturally let water through. I have also seen wooden fencing that allows water to flow through.
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    Hi SS - We think alike :~) I've previously said much the same to these same folks, very nicely. Sighhhhh. And yes - soooooo irritating that my pets can't use MY VERY OWN YARD without being at great risk from other people's pets. Ah - the fencing. Too long of a nightmare story to put any of you through but I cannot for the time being make any alterations whatsoever, whether impactful or utterly not impactful re: water. An insane legal situation that is one for the books...

    Will see how my response flies.....guess I better just get it on its way today...

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    I agree with the majority here and think it is your property and you shouldn't have to give them a "schedule" as to when your birds will be free ranging on YOUR property. Think about it. Does a semi-friendship really matter in the scheme of things with these people? Do you plan to have them over for a BBQ or hang out? If not, stand your ground. What matters more: your birds' safety and your sense of security or their feelings when they are in the wrong? If they don't respond kindly to your letter, just paint the picture clearly for them and let them know that if their animals come back to your property for any reason to expect a response from animal control. They aren't treating you respectfully regarding this matter and what do you really owe them?
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    From what has been written, the nicer owners have dogs that occationally get loose. They seem to know they have occasional issues with the dogs getting loose in certain situations. By asking if you have a schedule, they may be planning to simply avoid the situation that the dogs get away from them during times that you let the birds free range.
    For example: walking the dogs in the common area during the times you are at work and the birds are in their run.

    They want to occationally let their dogs run free and play in the common area - just like you want to let your chickens free range when you have time.
    Unfortunately, in your situation you do not have a set schedule that they can work around.

    As a comprimise, is there some way you could come up with a signal to let them know when the chickens are free ranging? For example - a chicken sign hung on the front gate - something that they can see as they walk the dogs on leash to the common area, something to let them know the chickens are out in the yard.

    As for the fencing issue, I understand and hope that situation is resolved in your favor. Part of my last job was working with developers and it is nie-near inpossible to get anything corrected and resolved in your favor when their profit ($$) is threatened.
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    I am not trying to beat the fence issue to death but I felt the need to clarify a statement I made previously about being able to fence 3.5 acres for $1500.

    I know that a fence will not work in every situation for a variety of reasons, as seems the case for jjthink.

    But purpletree23 brought up a good point about the actual cost of putting up a fence and made me realize a significant error in my math and also the misleading nature of my response. So, just for the record, I wanted to qualify and correct my initial statement.

    My $1500 figure was based on these purchases:

    36 posts @ $6.50 per
    75 metal posts @ $3.49 per
    4 x 300' fence rolls @ $179 per
    7 gates @ $40 per

    What I forgot to include was that I actually used five fence rolls, not four, the first roll being purchased the year prior that was originally planned for a smaller arena type situation. I forgot about this as it was not part of the bulk purchased the following year, but it was in fact used for the property fence.

    So, my statement of having fenced 3.5 acres for $1500 is NOT correct after all.

    Being a do-it-yourselfer, I happily will push myself to any physical limit to save money and I bargain without any shame with every purchase that I make.

    I did not include tax as I am stating it as exempt. I also recycled a few smaller things here and there and probably should have figured a bit more for the tensioning wire and connectors. Finally, having the right tools is a must and that would certainly drive up the price for a first timer without them.

    The real hidden expense - labor. I busted my butt for somewhere between 15 and 20 days, working anywhere bewteen 4 to 12 hours per day. So, in the end, I can't really figure how much I would have spent on labor. But, frankly, I wouldn't even consider doing that kind of labor for somebody else at less than $250 per day, depending of course on the condition of the soil and the level of the terrain.

    I should have qualified this information in my original post but my philosophy is "where there is a will there is a way." And for the cost of what it would be to replace my awesome working Maremma from being killed on the road, I would gladly spend double that amount and still do it myself if I had to do it over again.

    Not to mention the added sense of security I have knowing that large predators won't get in.

    Sorry if anyone is getting tired of the fence issue.
  10. Peck, when i saw your fence estimate i thought "Wow - what a hot deal!". But with your labor, that makes more sense. Unfortunately, some folks don't have the strength, time, or know-how to put up a fence themselves. Although i do agree that a fence would be the best defense in this situation.

    JJthink, i'm sorry i don't have any suggestions for you. You've gotten a lot of good ones so far. i know shooting intruders is not your style, judging from past posts. Too gentle of a soul. i think it's a bit rude for your neighbors to want a chicken-outing schedule from you, although they probably didn't mean it to be offensive. i just hope you can find some peaceful solution to protect your flock. It's not good for you to be living in constant stress.

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