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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by jjthink, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Quote:Maybe I was feeling pessimistic in my post earlier and maybe the nicer neighbors aren't trying to dictate when you can let your birds out. I think that the above post about a "notification" system is a good idea...

    But I still don't follow why they need prior notice that your birds are out when your birds are not going into the "common area". They are being guarded by you on your property. The dogs are being allowed completely loose on occasion and aren't staying in the "common area" obviously or this would be a non-issue.
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    Thank you BDG, wyo, PJ, Enchanted

    A complex situation - long story - that would work out best if I am able to elicit cooperation from these particular folks through understanding. So I'm hoping that the note I sent their way tonight achieves that. I do think the note is an eye opener re: how easily and quickly a dog situation can turn into irreversible pain and suffering.

    I agree BDG.....I should not have to provide a schedule re: when my birds will be out in their own yard. So it frustrates me but I did add that I would see if there might be some way to signal when the birds are out in the yard......(red flag?!). Maybe it'll turn out to be simple enough.

    Everyone who has taken the time to read this thread, to noodle along with me, and to offer your thoughts - you are very thoughtful and kind to have done so and I really thank you [​IMG] JJ
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    You seriously need to document each instance with your local dog warden. Not only will the damage be on file, but the nieghbors can be fined. In addition you should demand payment for the chicken. It is estimated that a chicken, between feed and the eggs it produces, is worth $80.00. Being in gun hating New Jersey, or in an urban area you may not be able to shoot even though your law says you can. I would not continue to placate nieghbors who show no interest in solving the problem, thier dogs are "playing" with each other at your expense. There are leash laws for a reason. Here in rural Ohio we shoot chicken killing dogs.
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    I totally feel for you. The subject of chicken attacks by dogs really ticks me off! This past Sunday my girls were outside their coop digging in the dirt that was finally visible under the snow! They havent been out much and were enjoying the weather! I noticed one of the girls was in the middle of a snowbank. My chickens hate snow! I knew something was wrong and went running towards the coop. My neighbors dog was in MY yard attacking MY chickens! When I got to the coop the dog ran off. There were feathers everywhere! I got the chicken out of the snowbanking and then went in the coop to see the damage! ( at this point I didnt know if the dog had taken off with the chicken) Since the feathers were black I checked my Australorps first. Sure enough! "Helen" the top hen was hiding under the raised nesting boxes. I checked everyone else, but she was the only one who sustained damage. She has huge patches of feathers missing and a big chunk of flesh taken out of her wing. I can see the muscle underneath, but the muscle appears to be intact. Currently she is doing Ok. She is inside, eating and has layed 2 eggs since. I have cleaned her wound and put antibiotic ointment on it daily. Brave Helen stood up to that crazy dog so the others could make it to safety! I hope she makes it!
    The dogs owner has several dogs. They don't have a fenced in yard. They simply don't care where their dogs go. I am the first house on our street I am constantly rescuing their dogs from the main road! (i bring the dog home they say " thanks" and then let the dog outside again!)They poop in my yard and piss on my porch. I don't have any dogs. My chickens have a fenced in yard and a tractor. I let them free range when I am home in the yard with them. Having THEIR dogs coming onto MY property bothering my pets, poultry and childen is unacceptable! As far as I'm concerned, next time their dogs come into my yard they are TOAST!
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    I would stop rescuing their dogs from the street - maybe they want them to get hit. I would drive them off to an animal shelter far away. Let them think they got hit or whatever.

    I'm sure you are too nice to do that. I don't know what else to say. In our area if you defend your goods - they will retaliate -. Bullies & jack-a's seem to rule everywhere.
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    jellyfish, so sorry to hear of your situation and I hope fervently that Helen will be okay. You're probably already doing this but extra protein (e.g. nice mealworms) may help her heal.....extra nutrition in general....vitamins....
    Your 'neighbor's dogs will unfortunately now make a more concerted effort to come back now that they have attacked a bird. Bad situation. I'm so sorry. In your area, can you have this clearly irresponsible person ticketed for 'dogs at large'?
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    we moved into an older home with a crappy run behind the old coop on the property. the hens hate the chain link fenced run, there is no sun and it's small. The rest of the property is fenced in, so we allow them to roam around the larger part of the yard. when we moved in, there were no dogs on any side of our property. well, neighbors moved in next door and they started to foster dogs. they now have adopted three dogs and still continue to foster more. ugh! and neither has any experience with dogs or dog ownership.

    the other neighbor's husband passed away suddenly [​IMG] and she has recently also adopted a dog. good for her. but that's 4 dogs surrounding my hens on either side. was told by this neighbor that the new dog dug his way out the other day. great!!!!!!!!!!

    here's the deal, since the neighbor with three dogs on one side share a rotten, old stockade fence with us, i think it's only fair we split the cost of the fence repairs and the work it will take to fix it. they agreed but i called the other day with pricing and haven't heard back yet. hello? you adopted and foster dogs, it is only fair you work with us on containing YOUR dogs. i'm wondering if they are having second thoughts because of the cost. they are both working professionals so it's not like they don't have the money. and if you have three dogs, you must have some money as dogs cost a fair bit of money if you care for them responsibly. if it wasn't for the fact that they have these dogs, the fence would stay as is. after all, it's not like my hens are going to break through to their side of the fence. there are holes along the bottom which I have barricaded only to find these blockades moved by their dogs clearly with scratch marks on the ground.

    i love dogs myself and i think it's great these neighbors have decided to adopt and care for otherwise unwanted animals but people, do the right thing and secure YOUR animals.

    In the first half of my yard, there is no fencing, it's a very difficult area to fence, so i go out with my two small dogs and watch them closely so they don't go anywhere off my property. They are chicken friendly and can and sometimes do go into the fenced area where hens are kept with supervision from me.

    I look at it this way, if i were allowed to keep, say a lion or bear on my property, whose responsibility would it be to ensure that that animal never gets loose and harms their dogs or god forbid, children? Mine! so why can't people understand and accept the fact that they have a responsibility to keep their potentially menacing dogs on their property, especially if those animals are a danger to other people's properties, children and/or pets?

    I sympathize with anyone who has issues with neighbors and their dogs. It's a very delicate balance to live in peace with neighbors. i get the feeling people think i am nuts when i warn them them of the potential disaster of their dog(s) getting onto my property. it's like they don't even consider it happening. they don't realize that dogs have high prey instincts and they need to ensure that they don't get out in the first place.
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    howling, I for one totally totally hear you and agree with you.

    Since people seem to be so dense anymore, I wish dogs came with warning labels "This animal is a PREDATOR - Guardian must ensure dog does not leave your property unless with you on leash - do not let dog come into contact with other people's pets that the dog may consider PREY!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    The response I got today from the neighbor (one of the most responsible dog neighbors) was that she'd be happy to coordinate some sort of signal so we both know when its safe to be out and about. I'll see what I can do but as I reflected on the whole thing, I thought how difficult my schedule already - when an opportunity arises to exercise the birds it has to be right then or I may not have another opportunity the rest of the day - I don't want to be prohibited by virtue of the dogs being out in the little park on the street. What I had in mind is different than what I think she is thinking. I had in mind maybe putting a little flag or something up when the birds are in my yard so they know not to let their dogs out. I did not have in mind having to adapt my schedule to the times they want the dogs to be loose. So I may regret this, but we'll see.......

    She also asked if I have thought about fencing. I won't respond just yet because I have to resist the urge to blurt out that it is the predator who should be fenced so it cannot invade prey property.
    Sigh. JJ
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    I understand your fencing problem, but is it possible to make a tractor for them to go into when "free-ranging"? Maybe 2 foot tall about 6'x6', fairly light weight but sturdy enough to withstand dogs? You can let the chickens into that, move it around, go inside to answer the phone or whatever, and not worry about signals or marauding animals.

    Or perhaps some other moveable fence system?

    Just a thought that I didn't see expressed here.
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    sorry for the troubles JJThink
    at least your babies are still alive
    I understand that you can not put up a real fence, and I assume that means something permanent.
    I wonder if you can put up temporary type stakes and a hot wire around the larger area of your property
    I hear a barbed wire one works best for reaching through fur
    but a thin wire one would work
    once you put it up, you have to teach the dogs that it zaps without them running through it
    I hear if you hang a piece of bacon from the wire, they will come to take off the bacon and get zapped
    that should help make them afraid of the wire across the perimeter of your property
    hard to think of what else to do other than hotwire that is not terribly visible or large pen for your chickens
    good luck

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