Silkie Chicks (most likely Roos) in Los Angeles-Will ship

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  1. i'm revising this listing and hoping for some action. i need to find good homes for my silkie chicks whom i suspect are boys. The Buff is 8-weeks-old, the others are 9-weeks-old. First is Lulu the RooRoo. Gorgeous, easy to pick up, and is very gentle with the other chickens.
    This one has unusual coloring. i think it may be a Splash coloring? He has big fluffy leggings, and is very sweet and gentle.
    Then i have a Buff that i'm pretty sure is going to be a boy, as he has those wattles going. He is also very sweet and gentle.
    Lastly, i hate to get rid of him as he is so pretty and curious, and i use him as my avatar, but i can't have roosters here so need a new home for Sta-Puff.

    i would prefer local pick-up only, as i've never shipped before. i am in Southern California, Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley. But i am willing to ship, if someone will please tell me how to do it (what kind of box to use and how to pack them to keep them safe on their journey).

    Thanks! Colleen
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    Aug 14, 2007
    If they have really fluffly legs does that usually mean they are a roo? Mine are going to be 5 weeks on Sunday, and there is one with some fluffly fluffly legs!! Any other characterisitcs to look out for? Your silkies are very pretty. I hope mine look like that when they get big. [​IMG] [​IMG]
  3. i am far from being an expert, so you may want to check other threads about sexing silkies. i think the important thing about the legs is that males will have larger, heavier legs than females, so may tend to have more fluff there also. Early wattle development and large wattles are another sign.

    You know, i was really fooled when they were smaller. The ones that seemed larger the first few weeks are now not growing as fast as the ones i feel are male. i've read that here, that in the beginning the females will feather out first and grow quicker, but then the boys catch up and surpass on body growth (and wattle growth).

    Thanks for the compliments on the birds, they are very pretty. The boys always seem to be the prettiest. *sigh*
  4. Nobody wants my silkies? Come on, they're so pretty and sweet. [​IMG]
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    Jul 27, 2007
    What what? Someone is selling silkies? And will ship?? *Runs and hides in Chickenaholics thread* I like your buff silkie....*pets screen*
  6. He's the one that had the bobblehead problem when he was a bit younger. Still does bobble a little. But he's so sweet and pretty.

    i could get him a cheap flight on Southwest Airlines. i think they have some end of summer specials going on now. [​IMG]

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