Silkie Lovers, Show Off Your Fuzzy Chickens Here?!


Mar 17, 2019
What's your goal? Do you want more silkies, sizzles, frizzles or satins?
Could you get another picture of red?
I truly don't care, other than I don't want any to be frazzled, since they are more likely to have issues and die. I have a few ppl who are interested in buying chicks, either silkie or frizzled. My thinking is since both of the roosters are frizzled that I can only breed the silkies and the smooth hens with them. Here is another picture of red tho.


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May 25, 2019
Thankyou that sounds very promising :) They are Large fowl Golds :)
A late reply but I just saw you selling some of your hatching eggs on eBay! I saw the photos and realised...I've seen those birds before :eek:

I looked at the other photos and realised that it's also you that recently posted on the Silkies for pets UK Facebook group about your male getting a first place! (If I'm correct?)

If I am correct, congratulations, he's beautiful! :celebrate

I don't have Facebook myself but my Mam posted a photo of my gold Fizz having cuddles on that group just a moment ago :lau you'll probably see that.

Since you are posting eggs, what postage do you send them as?

I am starting to sell and post hatching eggs from mine but I'm not sure what people do. I was thinking first class recorded or tracked signed for.


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Jul 25, 2020
Vienna, VA
Yes. The female molted but she's growing her wig back. Seems clear that they are a mix as only 4 toes are present over the 5 a pure has. They are Bantum size, blue to black skin and have maintained a Silki calm nature.
I can definitely see they're a mix - silkies with red combs are a giveaway.

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