silkie nail problem

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    I just got 5 Black Silkie roosters at an auction...apon inspection of the birds that are going into quarentine I noticed one has six toes and one has a nail that has grown into a complete circle...big enough to put my finger into...can you trim these nails just like you do a dog...I know you use a stiptic pencil to stop bleeding but was wondering if you could to a chicken...anybody done this has real long nails and I would like to trim his too. I know you can't use these as breeders because of the defects but would like to keep them for pets for the kids...
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    It could be their nails are growing long because they don't have a solid surface to scratch on. Trim it like you would a dog but, be careful of the quick.
    Thats my suggestion. :) Hope it helps!

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