Silkie Rooster Foot Badly Swollen

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    My 1 kilo, 18 month old Silkie Rooster has a badly swollen foot. Photos included. Probably not bumble foot but bacteria maybe entered via feather shaft or from side of foot? No visible scabs. Anyone experience similar swelling of foot?

    About a month ago determined rooster had a bad case of scaly leg mites and treated by drenching feet/legs in mineral oil after a shampoo foot bath. Put in the coop for the night. Did this about 4 times over several weeks, used Vaseline on the really bad areas of the toes. About two weeks ago used four drops of IVERMECTIN for cattle for the mites but the mineral oil was/had worked OK.

    Rooster seemed OK but noticed a little swelling of the pad of one foot and researched and had determined it was probably mild bumble foot. Within one week the swelling had more than doubled. Close inspection revealed one relatively large “Foot feather” was broken off close to the side/top of the foot pad. Pulled the broken stub and almost NO bleeding.

    A HARD object that was trying to grow through the foot skin. Decided to open the top of pad /foot skin over the hard object. Did not find any “puss” or yellow cheesy “stuff” but there was some “thick red blood” that oozed out when the pad was “massaged/squeezed”. Couldn’t identify the hard object and didn't want to make matters worse.

    Closed up, used disinfectants, triple/ointment (non medicated), gauze and Vetwrap. Today, started a three day regime of ampicillin (25mg per day) just in case.

    Need some advice on what to do next. The swelling was growing rapidly and feel compelled to do something.

    Could this be a “foot feather” problem? Top of foot appears normal. These are photos taken the day before cutting open the foot.




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