Silkie sexing!


Aug 1, 2016
Ok guys, I'm new to this! I got these 2 "girls" last weekend... 5 month old silkies... The guy we got them from brought his roo who is the same age to show that these 2 are in fact hens... Welll today I noticed one of my girls have sprouted a comb and waddles! What is everyone's option as to what these babies are?
Gosh they look so similar. Those wattles are so big :eek: If they're five months, then expect either an egg or crowing from it within a month :p
They're both pretty birds.
Thank you! I'm really worried if it is a rooster he will over breed her since we just have the 2 :(
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It's funny because out of the 2 the one that I know is a female is the one who "rules the roost"
They're non bearded. If they were cockerels, I'd expect their combs and wattles to be bigger, especially on the one with the (improper) single comb. I dont see any streamers either. I think they're both pullets :)

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