Silkie she or he?


Apr 25, 2015
Anyone want to hazard a guess as to the gender of my two silkies? Also what colours would they be described as? The white and black one we got from an auction and was sold in a box of 'pullets' so I have no guess on age. The brown is around 3 months, give or take a few weeks. I brought her of a buy swap sell page on Facebook. I have been assured she is a pullet.
Thanks heaps!
White one I would say is a cockerel, and I am leaning that way on the brown one too, with that much comb and wattle development at 3 months, the swept back crest, and the shinier red feathers on the shoulder. White one appears to have streamers in the crest which only males get.
Yeah they both have big wattles. Our rooster spike is not keen on them at all. These two get along well, but not so well with the other polish hens. Lol! Two roosters! Oh dear!
So next question, will they fight as they get older? Or would they be happy in a little twosome?
If you have hens, they will likely fight unless you have enough and they're both happy with their amount. Really, only time will be able to tell. I've had friends with 30 hens and two roosters and they always fought while another had only a few hens and the boys got along just fine.
Oh no. Thanks very much. I guess I will have to find them new homes. Anyone want them? Bummer, coz I really love them. :(
Update: the whiteish one has just started crowing. So he is a he.
Now I know he is a really a he, why isn't he fighting with the brown which is also a suspected he? Could the brown possibly be a hen?
No, definitely a cockerel. Just because you have more than one cockerel doesn't mean they'll fight. They might get along just fine. I have had up to five different cockerels all living together in one flock with no problems. The only conflict that would ever arise is if a lower rooster in the pecking order tried to mate with a hen that wasn't willing, a higher level rooster would chase him off and then usually mate with the hen himself. I never saw any real fighting because they all knew their place in the order and respected it.

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