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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Feb 16, 2010.

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    If only we had your knowledge!! So how many years did it take you to retain all those wonderful genetic facts? I am 65 now and can't remember what I had for breakfast so I'm afraid it's just not going to stick. I've tried studying it and I have managed to retain some of the terminology but that's about it....[​IMG]
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    It's really ok. Last year was chicken hell for me as I got bad chicks (some came to me and spread CRD throughout my whole flock, and now I think someone gave me pullets that had Mareks), so I was planning on letting my flock fizzle out anyway. We're already down from 18 chickens to 5 LF and 2 bantams (minus 1 if Francis doesn't get better) after some mystery illnesses and predators, with a couple chicks on the way. Once this round is gone I think that'll be it for awhile until we can start fresh with birds from a good source.

    I've learned to not get too attached to them, but to just savor the time I have with them. It sucks but well, not much I can do about it now so might as well give them all I've got :)
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    Tooo cute makes me want one even more:D
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    I agree :) but after a while you will succeed to see with a cloudy looking glasses !
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    It's all a matter of start looking from the basics and than go on step by step ;-)
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    Really sweet pictures!!
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    I am so sorry. [​IMG] It sounds like they are in very good hands! Respiratory disease can also cause leg paralysis so you could be battling the same thing, just different symptoms. If francis does not make it, It might be a good idea for a necropsy to see what you are up against. I would be highly suspicious of MS/MG. It can cause the lameness like your boy when it becomes systemic.

    Here is some info I had found for you.
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    Thank you! I definitely had something pass through my flock and they get flare ups every once in awhile, but nothing serious. I think I'll give him some antibiotics just in case. He seems comfortable, but very bored. He's also still flicking his head like something bothering him, but I can't see anything obvious on him.

    I'm giving him a week or two to show improvement before humanely putting him down. I love him, but I don't want him to be miserable.

    I do have some good news though! Violet's silkie chick hatched and I was wondering what color it is? It has the wrong colored feet, haha, but oh well. The rooster is a porcelain.


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