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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Awww.... too bad about the grey!
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    If you are getting shipped eggs you need to buy more than you want because they will not likely all hatch and some times none. If you can get eggs locally that's a plus as they will mostly hatch. You just need to know you have enough room for them to grow up and a way to sell or give away unwanted roos. Pet quality roos are often hard to rehome. I started with 20 and hatched fourteen. That was my best hatch on shipped eggs. I have had three shipments that did hatch at all. A dozen chicks are easy to take care of.
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    Mar 19, 2012
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    Thanks so much for your input... Its hard to find silkies in my area... Ive gotten lucky finding the ones i got. :) would love to see the whole process especially to throw in a lesson for my daughter... Well i think if i do ship it will be in the state or really close to... But for now gonna see if i can get some i can pick. ;)
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    Tina, on June 3, there is a show in North Oxford, Mass.
    I can guarantee you there are LOTS of Silkie chicks for sale there!
    I will be there.
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    My first eggs are going in the incubator this weekend. My 12 Catdance eggs will be here today (long trip those!) and then I am getting 6 paint eggs next week. I am also going to put in however many of my own that I can collect before then (3 at the moment, hoping for 2 more today). Now, I went back and forth on the Catdance eggs. Should I get 12, should I get 24? In the end I decided to start with 12, because I am worried about royally messing up my first hatch! If it goes good, I know I will get more soon.
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    What do you have as the flooring in your coop? Is it hay, shavings on dirt? It looks like it may keep the dust down. Right now, we have 6 inches of sand. My chicks love it, but its pretty messy.
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    Most of them are a little over 1 years of age, then there are 4 month old chicks and a three month old chick.
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    Roberta,Can't believe I won't be able to attend the show. My daughter would have loved it! First time in 12+ years that my husband and I are getting away without bringing any family members. Would you mind letting me know how to find out more info about this show and any others coming up? Thanks!
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    I"m 3 hours from you....near Utica. I am hatching out bbs, & partridge. My Buff pullet isn't laying eggs, she just finnished being broody, but I hope she starts soon. I'll be finnished hatching mid June. Unless I have some broodies....
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    Thanks for your post! Please let me know when you have chicks available.

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