Silkie thread!

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. NovaAman

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    yup. Just gotta catch her.
  2. peepblessed

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    Are these your first silkies? You will love having them!! Is that ET in your avatar?? [​IMG]
  3. peepblessed

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    Looks grey!
  4. peepblessed

    peepblessed Chillin' With My Peeps

    I have gotten shipped eggs from this lady in Madera, CA. It would be a short trip for them and they are excellent quality. I had a great hatch from my one ebay purchase and zero from another.
  5. mnferalkitty

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    May 17, 2012
    Yep first silkies [​IMG] LOL not quite ET but close, I seem to have a soft spot for hairless animals, one of my dogs is hairless too and the closest thing to a naked chicken I could find was the turken so I got 4 pullets[​IMG]
  6. BackyardBreeder

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    May 7, 2012
    The one color I really want is buff. It would be nice to have B/B/S, Partridge and white.
  7. SilverSilkie

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    These look very promising chicks peepblessed, but why you call them porcelain & lav ?
    You can see the dorsal stripes so they have the Partridge (eb/eb) groundcolor one based on gold and the other on Silver both have the double doses of lavender. the one with "cream" probably a male, the silverish probably a female. These are as "Porcelain" (gold and Silver) should show the one day pattern.
  8. peepblessed

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    I don't know, Danny, but many of the lavender chicks here have strips. I have wondered why that is (I suspected there was some eb/eb and porcelain is a temporary name for a project color here in the US. I think there hasn't been agreement on what to call the color. This is a color made by breeding lav to buff and back again to buff. Here is a picture of a mature girl and is the color I'm looking for. I am just enjoying the color and will let others decide what to call it! :D The lav chick was definitely born with a gold cast and will work out great in my "porcelain" pen. :D
    This girl belongs to the breeder I got the eggs from.
  9. SilverSilkie

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    Very nice type of hen. The coloration should have more gray-pearl instead of whitish in my opinion. This hen is a wheaten based (eWh/eWh) which not have much black-pigment and therefor less gray-pearl.

    This is a eWh chick

    This is a eb chick :

    You can see the eWh have less dorsal stripes than the eb.
    The eWh have also less black than the eb.
  10. BarnGoddess01

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