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    I think she breeds for double dose of lav but if you get eggs from a project pen you could end up with one dose. I have two 8 wks old. I will post pictures as soon as I take some. Here they are as babies and also at 6 wks.
    The one on the left is obviously a male. Has some red in it's comb already.
    The male has lost almost all of the creme color now and looks more like a splash. Fun to see what happens!
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    BarnGoddes look what I wrote in your picture. This chick not show the lav/lav dilution because the black-pigment is not diluted to gray-pearl and the red-pigment is not diluted to cream.
    Seeing the chick on day pattern and now on 7 weeks I should say it is a Bl/Bl on a wheaten or/and partridge groundcolor.

    Both Blue and lavender are diluters, Blue is Dominant so it expres with 1 doses (Bl/bl+) and that is called Blue with 2 doses (Bl/Bl) it's called Splash. Lavender is recessive so this can only express in double doses (lav/lav).
    Blue dilute only black-pigment and change nothing to the red-pigment. Lavender dilute black- and red-pigment at the same time.

    "Porcelain" is a hobbyname which is originally used for a millefleur pattern (mottled), in Italy they use the hobbyname "Porcellane" for a lavender millefleur pattern, this is a triocolor (white/black/gold) dilute by the gene lavender (lav/lav) into white/graypearl/cream. I suppose the confusion for the hobbyname comes from there.
    You can call your chick "Porcelain" but genetically seen its a duocolor Splash.
    The chick of Peepblesses can also be called "Porcelain" but geneticaaly seen its duocolor lavender.
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    Oct 13, 2011
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    He's a keeper!
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    This chick is a really neat color! It reminds me of Jessy's "Sherbert"!
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    Apr 16, 2011
    I have naked rats!
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    Have you seen the silkie "Showgirls"?
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    Sep 24, 2011
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    Welp, thought I'd share an angry silkie, because I've sure never seen her this way before!!! (She's broody and I locked her out of the hen house - Mwahahahahaha! [​IMG] )


    Showing us that if you remove a broody hen from her nest box, you are no longer friends. 0.0
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    Haha she looks pretty mad. You should let her set a couple eggs.
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    Hahaha!! [​IMG]
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    Heck no! I don't want any more chickens than I've got! lol.

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