Silkie thread!

Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. peepblessed

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    That's great to know! Thanks!
  2. Debbi

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    May 2, 2010
    Have you tried putting an ad for him here on BYC in the Buy, Sell, Trade section?? Get some good pics of him and advertise! There may be someone right down the street from you, you just never know on here!! [​IMG]
  3. Debbi

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    May 2, 2010
    You're welcome. It's good to finally have the time to observe all these things. Now, if she would either hatch some chicks, or get off the pot...[​IMG]
  4. Adriennesmom

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    Dec 14, 2011
    Monterey, California
    Thank you, peepblessed! I am so happy to find a thread all about Silkies[​IMG] I am so in love with my little guys! I will send an update when their gender is determined[​IMG]
  5. NovaAman

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    HI! OK, I finally was able to catch my little chicky...

    So, am I right in thinking she is not a splash? I was hoping to breed her to my black to get blues...
  6. peepblessed

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    I'm thinking you have a splash partridge there if there is such a thing! I love the color!! You might get blue or black or some other things as well. :)
  7. NovaAman

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    I'll try and get new pics in about 2 weeks.... here is what she looked like when I got her...
    Not the best, but her body had black splashes on it, and more of a creamy off white color...
  8. spowell

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    Apr 26, 2011
    Rocky Point, NC

    Shawn Omg....he is beautiful! My BBS pen is throwing some fantastic vaulted heads right now. I'm amazed with every hatch. I will be at the flock swap this coming Saturday. I may have a few sizzles there. I think I have a few blue and black but it takes a few days for those wing feathers to start curling up.

    Thanks everyone for the wonderful comments. I will try to get a closer wing photo tomorrow. Those colored chicks hatch out yellow with paint spots. It's the weirdest thing I've ever seen. But, they sure are are cute.

    Have a wonderful night everyone!!

  9. 3ChickensinNC

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    Feb 21, 2012
    on the coast

    Thanks. I plan on being at the swap. I am selling my hatchery silkies, so that means I will be freeing up some room. I diffently would like one of your sizzles and a partridge if you have any that have good breeding qualities.
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  10. ScaredOfShadows

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