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Discussion in 'General breed discussions & FAQ' started by americana-chick, Feb 16, 2010.

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    Thanks for your reply!

    It sounds like the Silkies would still be at risk even in an all-hen flock. Do you know if this is different with hatchery vs. breeder Silkies? For example, does their temperment vary?

    Again, thank you so mch!
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    I don't believe hatchery silkies have the vaulted skulls and many breed/show quality silkie do not have it either. Because of the large crest silkies can't see a peck coming. Hatchery silkies don't usually have such a large crest either. In case you are familiar with the vaulted skull here is a photo of my recent hatch. The vault actually exposes the brain like the soft spot on a human baby. One chick is vaulted and the other is not.
    Here's a better view on some other chicks. The one in the middle is not vaulted. :)
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    May 2, 2010
    I guess it all depends too on the breed you want the Silkies to be in with. I have Black and Blue Copper Marans, and let me tel you, the hens are EVIL HAGS to any outsiders! They are much more likely to do damage to a Silkie than my roos. I have a Blue Partridge hen that got pecked on the head HARD by an overly amourous roo. She was right around 5 months old when it happened, and I saw it happen. The next day, she looked like the Exorsist, she had brain swelling, and went wry necked. I started her on vitamins hoping against hope it might help, but no. Then the weather had a cold snap, and that seemed to bring down the swelling. She is still with me today, but everytime she gets stressed, she turns her head upsidedown, and sometimes falls over on her side. These spells only last a few seconds, then she gets up and goes about her business. She has a very vaulted skull too. She's a year old now, and broody at the moment.
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    Did that event prevent your girl from laying? Does a roo stress her?
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    Hello Everyone! I am very excited to find a Silkie thread[​IMG]I adopted my very first bantam Silkie chicks over a month ago. "Batman and Robin" are absolutely adorable! I was wondering if anyone has any idea what gender they might be? It might be too early to tell. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!
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    I have a sweet beautiful 5 month old white silkie male from good show lines. I can't keep a rooster so am looking for a good home for him - hopefully with a little money. I am in Sonoma County California. Ideas?
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    Hi, I haven't posted in a while and I wanted to share some baby pics and the mystery chick.

    Blue baby

    Two blues and a white

    Sizzle baby. I didn't think that my Blue Sizzle hen was old enough to lay. So, She as residing in the White pen with a White Silkie Roo and a White ShowGirl Roo!!! I have ended up with some SG Sizzles also. Who knew?

    She has a fantastic crest. I really like her. But I can't figure out her color. Maybe a genetics guru can help me?

    By the way, I NEVER get to post here because i;m ALWAYS 20 pages behind. [​IMG] Keep it up I love to read about the genetic make up of Silkie colors.

    Hey Sharon-
    Your little guy up top looks just like the one I got from you a month ago. I actually thought it was him at first. Here is a picture of Lilo. I call him my "million dollar silkie":

    I LOVE you sizzle. Do you have any that do not require a heat lamp available? I would love to get one from you. My first two white silkies I got from you are really growing. I believe one is a male but still not sure about the other. They are 8 weeks old. I just love how they are all turning out. So cute and pretty.

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    Your cuties are too young for me to tell. Welcome to the silkie enablers thread! :D
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    May 2, 2010
    Nope, she's an egg laying machine! Yes, sometimes the roo stresses her and she has a spell. He is a gentleman and gets off. The second go she won't have the spell, so I think it's all in the element of surprise! She is also the biggest bully in the pen when trying to introduce new birds!
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    You might try posting in this section. Hope you find a good home!

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