Silver Laced Polish with Wry Neck Possibly

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    Hello Friends,

    I have a flock of 23 chickens and a rooster who are my beloved pets.

    Right now, my Silver Laced Polish isn't doing so well. It started when I noticed that she was getting picked on and had blood on her head feathers. I immediately separated her and brought her inside and cleaned her up. She was shaking her head a lot and was constantly looking skyward. She was eating when she could control her head, but she would misjudge where the food was some of the time. I gave her grapes, broccoli, corn, and lettuce with Brewer's yeast for the Vitamin B. She also has her dry food with her.

    Now her head goes all the way back and swings around, and she can no longer stand or stay balanced. Today she isn't eating or drinking, and I am giving her water with a eye dropper.

    Does this sound like Wry Neck to you guys, or could it be something else? I have been searching for answers here on this web site, but if someone sees this who has experienced this before, can you tell me what you think it is and whether she can recover?

    Also, if anyone knows how often I should give her water, I would appreciate that greatly.

    Thanks in advance.

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    It does sound like wry neck, which can result from an injury, infection, or vitamin deficiency.

    It sure sounds like hers came from an injury. Many people on BYC have had success treating with vitamins. You can google "Poly vi sol without iron backyardchickens wry neck." There is a "let's talk wry neck" thread too.

    The BYC search bar doesn't work well- try google.

    I'd offer her some water with the dropper every hour, just a little bit, or whenever you think about it. I don't know how much she should be drinking, sorry, but it can't hurt to drop a few drops in there every so often.

    Here is a helpful website: and click on articles. There is a crookneck article there (look on left column for the article title to click on).
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