Silver penciled rock roo in East TN area


10 Years
Feb 17, 2012
Johnson City, Tennessee
I am looking for a Silver Penciled Rock Rooster close to Johnson City, TN willing to meet or drive possibly 2 hrs to get. Chicks all turned out to be hens, whereas that is nice- I still have no roo :-( Willing to pay reasonable amount to get a good quality rooster (I do not want hatchery stock)
I have a really nice cockerel I was saving but turned out I do not need him. Asking $15. He is fully feathered and about 12-14 weeks old. Not yet crowing. Hortsman x Adamson Acres. Going to be huge with nice yellow legs.
I know this was one you were saving but, don't need. Is this going to be a good example for breeding? I want to help preserve this breed and I don't want to breed bad/wrong traits.

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