small amount of moldy food?


11 Years
Oct 25, 2008
Collinsville, CT
I know that moldy food is bad but I'm wondering, I was filling my two feeders and it was at the bottom of the bag and a huge hunk of stuck together moldy food came tumbling out!
I tossed the big hunk and went through the tops of the feeders and pulled out as much as I saw. I think it was only in the bottom of the bag. Does anyone think it will be all right to give them the pellets? The rest of the food looks fine. I put it in the coop but took it out again.
Hard call here. I would get the food and smell it. If it doesn't smell moldy, you could probably chance it but I know I would be really worried the whole time the food is in the feeder wondering if the spores were on the food and just hadn't grown yet. If you can go out and get fresh feed, that is what I would do just to have peace of mind.
thanks gals, that was what I was leaning towards. I'd rather be safe than sorry especially since i've recently lost two very young hens (one was my favorite
) not to moldy food, there were other issues but I guess I will make the trek out to TSC. I don't think it was their fault, I think it was mine. I left the unopened bag in the garage for a while and it may have gotten wet on the bottom.
We had that happen once and I tried to get rid of as much as I could and feed it to them.. but hardly got out the door when I ran back and quickly took it all away - I just couldn't let them eat it. I would toss it all and get a new bag

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